With the is site you will be able to save searches you have defined, properties you like and market reports to keep you informed. Then you will automatically receive emails that will keep you up to date as new properties come on the market.

You'll have to register with your name and a valid email address, sorry there's no other way to make it work.

Once you register you'll have an account page on the site like the one below.

An example of an account page where users can save and edit searches, properties and market reports.

There will be three rows on your account page. The first for saved searches. The second for saved properties. And the third for saved Market Reports

You'll see a drop down menu above with differnet types of searches, address, MLS Number, map etc. Once get the search dialed in like you want it, press the search botton you'll go to a results page. At the top left of the results you will see a button that says "Save". Push that button and that search will be saved to your account page. You might want to name it something that helps you remember the area of the search.

A call out arrow points to the "Save" button at the top left of a search results page.

The "Save" button at the top left will add this search to your saved searches. You should name the search something to help you remember what is being searched in the future.

To save an individual property click on the picture to go to the detailed page. Again, at the top left you'll See the "Save" button. Click it and that property will be saved to your page.

Shows the rows on the user's account page with saved individual properties and market reports.

The second and third rows of your user account page shows individual properties and market reports you have saved.

If you have any problems sorting this out please drop me a line at the "Contact" tab on the far right from the menu at the top of the page and I'll be happy to help you out.

Thank you and I hope you found this helpful.