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Governor’s Landing Condominiums – Wi

Photo of the river side of Governors Landing from the Cape Fear Riverwalk

Governor’s Landing condominiums are, without question, the most substantial properties you will find on the Cape Fear River in downtown Wilmington. Their terraced structure provides excellent views of the Cape Fear River from three floors including a balcony off the second-floor master bedroom. They have a gated entry, deeded boat slips, a formal garden and […]

Wilmington Square Condominiums – Wil

Photo of the red brick courtyard and row of condominiums at Wilmington Square

Wilmington Square condominiums are hidden gems in downtown Wilmington. They are small, only 1080 square feet, and somewhat dated, but the complex always looks neat as a pin with its courtyard of herring bone brick, and immaculately maintained landscaping.  They were built well and have been well maintained. Now forty years after their construction they […]

Indie Ice Lofts Condominiums – Wilmi

Photo of the name plate over the entry at Indie Ice Lofts

Entry way to the Indie Ice Lofts with set in concrete Prior to the 1930s, with the introduction of inexpensive electric motors, there were no electric refrigerators in american kitchens as we know them. There were ice boxes.  Perishable foods were kept in insulated wooden chests kept cold by blocks of ice. Those blocks of […]

Downtown Revitalization to Suburban ...

A photo of the 1913 Philadelphia Nationals & Baltimore Orioles posing in front of the entrance to Sunset Park in Wilmington NC

A client of mine was interested in a property in Sunset Park, a large subdivision to the south of the Central Business District which sprang up around the turn of the century. The character of Sunset Park changes dramatically as you move through areas which were developed during and after the World Wars, the depression, […]